Marilyn Initiative

Funding Research
Through Kindness.

100% of the profits from the purchase of the Helping Hand Bag go to fund cancer research

The Helping Hand Tote Bag, a joint initiative with Bag&Bougie, is the first charitable initiative of the Marilyn Initiative. The Marilyn Initiative plans to create periodic fundraisers/initiatives to raise money for cancer research and other charitable causes.

Unique Art

The Helping Hand Tote Bag contains meaningful art, drawn by Toronto artist and illustrator Lauren Pearson.  The limited edition bag is unique and reminds us to help others.


The Helping Hand Tote was designed and produced in collaboration with Bag&Bougie, a growing and fashionable Toronto company.  The Helping Hand Tote provides a strong and convenient way to carry anything from workout clothes, to water bottles, to changes of clothes for kids, and anything in between.

Funding Research

The Marilyn Initiative’s early initiatives will fund advanced cancer research to try to help people live longer, better lives.  Stay tuned for more initiatives to fund promising areas of research with leading clinical researchers.