Marilyn Initiative

The Marilyn Initiative was started as a way to honour the legacy and memory of Marilyn Tweyman.  Marilyn was a loving, sweet, and giving mother, sister, wife, and friend.  Marilyn volunteered her time to her synagogue and brightened the worlds of everyone around her. 

The aims of the Marilyn Initiative are to help those in need in the spirit of Marilyn’s giving and warmth.  Through various initiatives, the organization aims to help fund important projects.  The first initiative will help fund unique cancer research, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives, and extending the lives, of those suffering from cancer.  

Whether with her synagogue, with students, with her children, or with anyone in need, Marilyn was always willing to lend a helping hand. The Helping Hand Tote Bag, the first product being sold to raise funds, is a reminder of the importance of giving to others.