Marilyn Initiative

The Meaning of the Art on The Helping Hand Tote Bag
(Art by Lauren Pearson

The Helping Hand Tote Bag was conceived as a way to honour Marilyn’s memory by helping others.  The flagship icon, portraying a helping hand, represents Marilyn’s values.  Marilyn was passionate about giving to others, being there for her family, and volunteering her time. 


Marilyn’s spirit of giving and helping others, as well her love for art, all come together in The Helping Hand Initiative. 


The line art on your Helping Hand bag symbolizes something that was near and dear to Marilyn’s heart.  The art helps remind us to be kind and giving to those around us, while also being good to ourselves.

Anyone who knew Marilyn knew her passion of baking delicious biscotti.  Marilyn’s favourite pastime after a busy day was to sit down and savour some tea and fresh-baked biscotti around “tea time”. The biscotti and tea time icon is all about the importance of appreciating life’s pleasures even in the midst of a hectic world.

The sunset, cliffs and lake represent a scene from the cottage where Marilyn spent relaxing weeks in the summer..  Marilyn enjoyed playing tennis, sitting on the beach, reading, and hosting guests for the day.  The cottage was a time when the importance of family was on display and where Marilyn could host family and friends.

The cala lily, represented by the beautiful line art on the left, was one of Marilyn’s favourite flowers. Marilyn used cala lillies during one of the happiest events of her life.  The cala lilly line art is beautifully done and adds elegance to the art on display in the Helping Hand Tote Bag.

The rainbow is a symbol of the end of darkness or tragedy.  Not only does light come through after a storm, but different colours of light symbolize the different ways the world can be made brighter even when times are tough.  The rainbow line art is used a symbol of a hope for a better future after a difficult time.